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August Break

Conflicted about the end of summer....


August Break: Where I've Been


TGI Friday

Summer has arrived with a vengeance! I'm not sure where the "vacation" part is, but the kids are out of school and the sun is blazing.  Between recital, My son's new job, preparing for my daughter's trip to the lake, we are running around like crazy! Amidst all the (continuing) chaos I'm still finding time to reflect on my TGI this Friday:

I am trusting: that the vacation part of summer vacation will arrive soon and my days (at least part of some)  will be filled with lazy time by the pool and a cocktail or two!

I am grateful: For the other dance moms who make me feel like I'm NOT crazy or at least that I'm  not the only one who is losing my mind during recital season. I'm also grateful that recital season is over...until next year!

I'm inspired, as always, but my Tiny Dancer. When I watch you dance, I see all the beauty present in the universe. I'm so happy you have found your passion, and I promise to do everything I can to encourage it! Dance on, Sweet Girl!

Please share what TGI you have this week!